The Mobile Learning Classroom offers on-site training in topics of interest to seniors. The classes provide the students with dedicated computers and course handouts, and are taught by SeniorNet-trained instructors and coaches, all at the convenience of a hosting location.  Each class is approximately 2 1/2 hours long.  The host provides the room, table, chairs, students, and broadband connection to the internet; SeniorNet does the rest.

Classes are designed to meet the interests of seniors. They serve as an introduction to the applications that are discussed and are designed to enlighten seniors to the potential of enriching their lives through the computer. The class includes hands-on exercises for the students, but the true learning occurs after the class on their own computers, using their notes and handouts. Our classrooms in Huntington and Blue Point offer more comprehensive classes if the student wishes to pursue a topic in greater depth.

For more information call 631-470-6922