Add Music to your iPhone or iPad for FREE

1 session of 2.5 hours Cost: $25

Appropriate for PC and Mac Users

Wednesday from 9:30 – Noon on September 12

Music lovers, learn how to copy music from your CD collection to your iPad or iPhone using FREE iTunes software. Since you already own the CDs, why pay for your music a second time in order to download it to your device from Apple’s store? This course takes you step-by-step through using Apple’s iTunes on a PC or Mac to copying your music to your device for portable listening. An extra benefit is that the music can become part of your collection on your PC or Mac, so you can listen to it whenever you use the computer.

The SeniorNet Advantage

Hands-on instruction ● Individual attention ● One student per computer

● Manuals included ● Friendly atmosphere ● Seniors teaching seniors